Meet Our Project Partners

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Health Literacy Project

Healthier Here and the African Leaders Health Board are working together to improve the systems for developing and disseminating culturally and linguistically responsive information about COVID-19. We are developing messaging and mechanisms that are meaningful and relevant to help people in our communities achieve the health outcomes that they desire for themselves. The goal is to transform the public health literacy systems to be driven by the perspectives and strengths of our communities.

Community Health Worker Training Project

Community Health Workers for COVID Response and Resilient Communities (CHW-CARE) is a project aimed to build and strengthen communities’ ability to address COVID-19 and existing health disparities through the training and deployment of community health workers. We are working with African community health workers to ensure that the needs of the African immigrant and refugee communities are being met through this project.


COVID-19 Vaccine Communications Project

The African Leaders Health Board worked with the DH Community Media Outreach Team and Department of Health to fight the COVID-19 pandemic by improving vaccination rates among African Immigrants and Refugees in Washington state. The African Leaders Health Board served as a liaison between the Department of Health and African community. We helped disseminate culturally appropriate information and provide vaccines to African Immigrants and Refugees of all ages. The African Leaders Health Board served as the voice of the African community and worked to find permanent solutions to COVID-19 issues that disproportionately affected African immigrants.

City of Seattle 

Vaccine hesitancy and disbelief regarding the severity of the COVID-19 virus has plagued the African immigrant community since the beginning of the pandemic. It has been the biggest barrier keeping our community from getting vaccinated. We worked with the City of Seattle and our Cultural Navigator team to fight this through the translation of materials, virtual conversations led by African Health Care Providers, and original videos and publications.

Geriatric Regional Assessment Team (GRAT)

The ALHB and GRAT teamed up to assist struggling seniors at the beginning of the pandemic. The digital divide prevented them from navigating the transition to the virtual world. We worked together to provide iPads to seniors and teach them how to attend telehealth appointments. This technology was also used to help seniors stay connected to family and friends during this lonely period.